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    Yes, I do a similar thing to this with a little plugin I found called "Reveal" by Soundways... What it does is basically filter out the top and bottom, I mix in mono also, sometimes on a little Behritone / Aurotone cube, adjusting the width placement in mono also, then when you hit that stereo button... BAM Eargasm!

    But what I love about the Reveal plugin is it also allows you to hear it in the form of other speakers like the car, earbuds, radio, hi-fi speakers etc... And there is a really REALLY cool option called "Harsh" which when you mix your mix to that setting you hear all the really harsh frequencies and can adjust them easily.

    In a perfect world we would all have Golden Ears, but Reveal (or the style of mixing you mention here Erik) I think really helps our ears develop and mixes translate much better (I have tried this on just a pair of normal Hi-Fi audiophile speakers and translation was perfect, because focussing on the mids in mixing will get you 75% of the way there).

    Devin, I use Sonarworks on all my speakers (including the large audiophile hi-fi speakers) and my Audeze LCD-X headphones what I think Sonarworks does is "flatten" the colour out of each speaker / monitor so we're actually hearing it flat... Then what you can do is turn off Sonarworks so you can actually hear the room and tones of your speakers better (that is if you know your speakers really well).

    But I tend to just use Sonarworks on "Systemwide" and listen through it for everything, it will sharpen your ears to your speakers and room immensley 🙂

    I hope this helps, great forum this is I LOVE it!