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Jared Sherman

    Like a couple of people here I also have an Avid HD I/O (16X16 Analog) and I also purchased it used at a great price. I really like them. I don't really need the 16 channels for tracking but they do come in handy for hardware inserts.

    There was some discussion about using the Avid HD interfaces with iTunes and other computer audio - well here is the skinny on that as I understand it: If you run Windows I am pretty sure you will not be able to use them for computer audio at all. If you run OSX then you can, in general, however if you have both Native Instruments hardware like Maschine or Komplete Kontrol (I have both) and OSX version 10.10 or above you will have to remove your CoreAudio driver (because your NI hardware will not work otherwise) which will mean your HD IO will only work with Pro Tools. I still have an old 003R (which has its own driver) that I have connected just to send non-Pro Tools audio to my monitor controller (SPL Phonitor 2) and that solution works fine for me.