Todd Mitchell

    Hey Pat, thanks for the feedback. A couple suggestions:

    - I'd clean up the intro so that it goes right in and the ending so that it ends cleanly.
    - I would play with your spatial location of the instruments. The guitars being so hard panned and pretty dry create a weird vibe because the vocal parts are simply not so close because of how much bleed is going on. I think you need to move them in a bit and move them back.
    - you could probably use a little saturation on the vocals to bring them up front. If you have any sort of de-noiser (like iZotope RX) and/or multiband expander, you should see if you can get a very dry, clean vocal to emphasize. If not, consider using a soft gate and/or scrubbing the vocal track to be just the vocal part.
    - your lead guitar rides are pretty drastic. I might be a little more subtle.
    - I think the bottom end of the track could use a little more beef. I hear the kick, but don't feel it. Just needs a little more in 50-60?

    Good luck!!