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Erik Duijs

    Hi Alexandre,

    Personally (and I'm just learning here like the rest of us), I'm usually not too bothered about such resonances as they can (and often are) what gives the instrument it's character. Sometimes I even boost those 'problem' areas to make the track pop a bit more in the mix, emphasizing the personality of the sound.
    Of course, sometimes such resonances are annoying in the mix, in which case I either EQ them a bit or use a de-esser to do it dynamically if needed. Wrt a ringing snare, I once even retuned (pitch-shifted) the snare track to make it in tune with the track, fixing the problem without just EQ-ing it away.

    Perhaps you're a bit overthinking it and/or solo-ing tracks too much? Remember it doesn't really matter how a tracks sounds in solo because nobody will hear that.

    Personally I didn't hear a very obvious problem in your attached sample. Maybe it's a bit heavy on the low-end, potentially needing some high-passing to help with the bass. Potentially I'd boost a bit of mid-highs. But as always, listen to it in context with the song your mixing.

    Just my 2cts.