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Cris Sabater Sabater

    Hi PJSGBC, I certainly think it is possible but you need to put adequate time by for it to happen. It is not easy to make money from music whichever path you take either musician or engineering which is why it is seen as a vocation and so many in music live a life in a fair amount of poverty, certainly the ones I know do who can't get enough work. Like all jobs there will be lots of competition out there and you will need to persuade others why they should go with your skills ahead of others! Keep all the work you have done on a drive and on your smart phone and always carry a pair of headphones however big so others can listen as you never know who you might meet. Networking is the best way to get work and in a way we are doing that here in the Academy. Your work is your calling card and you need to be confident about your abilities as this will enhance your chances of getting work. It is a cut throat industry and you will probably have to offer your work for minimal payback at first to get yourself known and trusted. TRUST is the thing that will get you ahead of others. Like I say you have to be able to put the time aside and be honest with your clients about your availability. I work as a football coach, Soccer for the American contingent at a Private School in central London. I have weekends off and I get approximately four months holiday a year. This is when I have my chance to do this on a more full time scale but I manage during term time too. I am involved in an internet band FIGHTING THIS MONSTER! We have never met yet we have an EP out and are working on an Album. I help out with Production and do all the mixing and mastering for the band, two of us are in England and two in Germany. We trust each other very much and discuss where we want to go direction wise. I believe we are probably pioneers as many would be scared of working this way but it works for us. You just need to find a way in, an angle to get yourself known and move forward from there. I believe that I am living proof that it is possible and would encourage anyone wanting to do so to be brave and not listen to the status quo but be bold and be yourself doing what you love. I have and am very happy that I have done so.

    Cheers mate,


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