John Brandt


    You could probably do pretty well with $200-$300.

    It seems that most of you guys have a temporary setup and it probably wouldn't be practical to make new 'acoustic treatment' walls, but if you can, do it. Since boundaries are the best place for trapping and treatment, remember that you have 12 corners in a rectangular cuboid. 🙂

    4 - wall/wall corners
    4 - wall/floor corners
    4 - wall/ceiling corners

    So if you have treatment in all of those corners, you are doubling your efforts! Traps are more effective where boundaries meet.
    And... if you place treatment where THREE boundaries meet, it's adding another boundary to the equation making the trapping that much more efficient.

    That's why we go floor to ceiling.

    If you go with panels, you can stack them. Vertical room Corners: trap them top to bottom.

    Simon, you could use a 4 - 6" thick cloud trap overhead. Cover about 1/3 of the room, from forward of the mix position where the speakers are to the back.


    Build incrementally, as you can afford it. Begin with the things that you will see the most results first, like vertical corner trapping. - Make that as deep as possible but no more than 24" deep. Use the cheap lightweight insulation.