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Daniel Ashcom

    I'm delving into this recently as well for writing for music libraries and I'm glad to see others asking about this topic -- so yes, I'm using ISRC's. I look forward to this side of things being covered in future videos. Yeah, it's good to read about it but you don't know what you're missing until you get a bad kind of surprise if you're not doing things right. ISRC, ISWC, UPC -- it can get a bit confusing and I think I have my head wrapped around it but we'll see.

    The way I make sense of it, if it's helpful to anyone just learning about this, is to think of them in terms of who provides them. Hopefully I have this correct.

    ISRC -- me
    ISWC -- PRO (ASCAP, etc.)
    UPC -- distributor/publisher (Distrokid, etc.)