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Diogo Stolfo

    Thank you for your response. Yeah, I thought about your points. A second AT2020 isn't really worth it. I thought about getting a multi pattern for mid/side micing.

    The thing is, I'm aiming to get a good balanced sound just with the overheads and blend in the kick and snare. In this case probably a pair of SDC would be too bright right ? And the mid/side solution isn't good enough.

    As you said in another post, you can get the Shure 4 mic bundle, but that's not a huge saving from getting separate mics.

    So I'm concluding I should start with a D112 or Beta 52 for kick and a pair of LDC overheads, use the SM58 for snare and leave the AT2020 for room if I want. After that I could improve to tom mics and a figure 8 for room and other purposes.

    So the big question right now would be wich LDC pair should I get. Or if there's a SDC warm enough to get a balanced sound between cymbals and drums.

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