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    Thank you Guido - I have been at the hobby side of recording for at least 25 years but using 4 tracs and upgrading my equipment for over a life time. I agree on the room treatment That has eluded me for the longest time - I got the approval from the Boss - (Wife) to convert a room in my home, we never used, to this project. Had I not shown her that Video that Warren and Barry made on "Setting up a Studio" this may have never come true.

    The Apollo appears to be just another rabbit hole I am going down and I believe your right. I was reading that the apollo helps crunch the use of VSTs and third party "plugs" - I have been in amazement at how they help process my mixes but the computer bogs when I use too many. I "thought" the DSP chips in it helped with that?

    Anyway, I am starting today to work out the room nodes and speaker placement - its quite exciting - I think I am gonna put money aside to upgrade my monitors as well.

    Thank you for the feedback Guido, I plan to put your advice to work!