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Just Lisa

    Oh! We have an overly large tv in the living room! I could take my very portable laptop there, hook it up and use that. The husband would dearly love to upgrade the sound system in there ...
    Maybe in the future.

    Right now, I'm very happy to have been able to diagnose and work out my driver and interface problems. I can now plug my guitar cable into the Rode box and record signal in my DAW! Given where I was a year ago, this is pretty big. Does it sound fantastic? No. But the distance between having an idea and having a soundfile to show for it is significantly reduced which will increase output and facilitate creativity.

    : )
    Here's a sample. I recorded through an amp sim with cabinet IRs then mixed it with some eq, compression, delay, reverb, and a Lo-air to give it some room noise. It could sound a lot worse. And I've sounded a lot better. Ew. But there's nothing like doing a lot of recording to get me back into it -- I'd rather not have to spend time editing myself, so I get better by forcing myself to get everything right in one take.

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