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face (chris) Janton

    I didn't work with tube-based computers in my youth. Touched some. I started out with PCAM (Punch Card Accounting Machines) that were programmed with patch cords - like this -

    I didn't calibrate my headphones. I just use the "average" calibration from SonarWorks for frequency. I use my ears to keep levels sane. I simply adjusted volume knobs to match what I perceive to be how my room sounds.

    Speakers and monitors get sound measured with an app on my iPhone (Installed Sound Support from Audio-Technica). It's free. I use it to measure everywhere I want a rough level - bars, auditoriums, my living room. It's consistent within itself, so I am OK.

    For Logic (and Studio One) I just use test tone generators (pink noise) and turn knobs until it's done.

    That's a mighty fine looking laptop. Should drive Studio One just fine and dandy.

    My next display (monitor in computer terms) is going to be a 43" 4K TV 😉 It will sit perfectly between my speakers (monitors in audio speak) and get me some serious screen real estate (50% more pixels in each direction, and 16" diagonal increase). If I hate it it will make a nice TV!