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Just Lisa

    Or, you will get replies from the people who want to know about the same stuff who read their emails. Frequently, no one looks at the new threads. Alternate perspective.


    I shopped long and hard before getting into my 'system'. I was using Audacity and a USB mic in a padded box in front of my guitar amplifier.
    I figured if I was serious, it was time to learn a "real" DAW and get a recording interface.

    DAW: Based on my initial research, I saw my options as Pro Tools and Studio One. The software would be included as a bonus with the interfaces. Studio One looked friendlier with cost of entry and the 'drag and drop' features and the integrated notation software, Notion. (I compose using Musescore as kind of instrument.)
    1.5 years later, Notion and I aren't getting along so well, but Studio One and I have become best buds. I've upgraded to the full version, bought fifty million plug ins and I'm not sorry. Presonus is a good company. The latest update fixed all of my bug issues, even. The customer service is decent. The user forums are active and often helpful.
    After watching Warren work in Protools so much, I think I could probably sit down and do it myself. It seems like Studio One has features that make it more intuitive for a software user while Pro tools might appeal to people who have a background working with real gear.
    (Chris can speak to this, I think.)

    Interface: The research turned up the Presons 44VSL. It's advantages for me were the price, the versatility, and it's powered. My old computer wasn't going to stand up to the rigors of powering the interface and recording and running software all at the same time. With the four inputs (two have phantom power), it looks like it will serve all my recording needs forever. I could be wrong.

    About the computer: I bought a new laptop last year. My husband, the AI robotics engineer software developer gaming nerd, looked at my needs and suggested this one. It's designed for gaming! The sound and graphics, the internal processing, the sturdiness, expand-ability (Memory upgrades and SSD are a must!) needs are very similar. I am very happy with it.
    Edit to add: He has one, and it's the laptop he says is the favorite one he's ever owned in his life. His first home computer pre-dated the term "PC" and most people were still using mainframes with tubes. (Chris?)

    When I upgrade, it will be to a desktop machine with a much larger monitor! Finding the space for that is my issue right now. It's about commiting to a lifestyle I never saw coming and my family isn't 100% supportive of.

    Hope this helps.

    FWIW: today, I can't make the RODE interface, my computer and Studio One play together to record my guitar DI, but the SOUND coming from the interface vs. the computer is incredibly improved!

    : )
    Happy New Year.

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