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    Happy New Year!

    I have a chance to upgrade my editing system and I wanted some advice from the forum on DSP & what is everyone is doing with their gear in hopes to make a good choice on equipment to do editing in my master room. I use a program called Traction to edit with and have been using it for nearly 10 years. I want to make the jump over to pro tools but its costly for me to go to that software - I am a hobbyist, I got a great PC but I been doing more and more work with plug ins and my system bogs down fast and now its virtually impossible to do what I want - there isnt much in terms of what to buy? but it seems the Plugs are the issue, is buying something like a DSP interface a good idea to upgrade too? I am looking at UA Apollo TWIN Thunderbolt 2 - apparently it claims to help with plugs to help the computer from bogging? I just cant keep up anymore with all the plugs and tracks now - and thanks to the lessons from the Academy I am using more and more? anyone have any luck with it OR is there anything better to use? I am all ears? any advice on this would be welcome! Have a great New Year! Mike