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Just Lisa

    Thanks, Simon.

    Nothing sounds the same as it did a year ago. Different computer. The DAW. The 'training' my ears have had. Headphones.
    This whole mixing thing has my head in a game of 52 card pick up.

    And this latest change threw them all up in the air again.
    My husband's passing remark about the internal workings of the computer influencing what was coming out of the soundcard -- until a few weeks ago, I was thinking the soundcard was the issue. Nothing sounds the same when I take a mix to the car or my studio spaces (dance not recording). And now it seems so obvious. The analog noise around the soundcard!

    So, wrt my original question, it seems that any interface is going to be better than no interface.
    And I also need to just keep using it for Feedback Fridays or any other critical listening.

    Need to start an anonymous "things I wish I'd known when I was starting out" sheet for everyone.
    : )

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