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Just Lisa

    Yes, Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 250 Ohm. I hate having to specify. Just like my guitar. If I told you, you might draw unfair conclusions about who I am and what I want. Just me being sensitive. Which is stupid in this context, I know.

    Anyway. Hope Christmas is good for you. Was it sunny today in Tucson? I miss that.

    Thanks for reply.

    My question was about how hard I'm driving the system. Just like how my guitars sound better with the volume up near ten and the amp's master turned down. Contrast with how my friend's computer cranked to max trying to push a quiet signal through the auditorium sound system caused a lot of distortion etc. Or plug ins -- some want to be 'driven' more than others, the Klanghelm like to have the needles hitting zero so you calibrate the sensitivity to the incoming signal.

    I'm looking for a general rule of thumb kind of answer.
    Computer volume up, interface volume down
    computer volume down, interface volume up.

    It's hard to hear the subtle differences with some things. Really, I had to be told about my guitar and the plug ins, and eventually it began to be noticeable.

    : )