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face (chris) Janton

    That's a nice, small, interface. Not much space at all.

    BD? I assume Beyerdynamic? They make great headphones.

    I don't want to have to turn my volume knobs - ever. 😉

    It's hard to pin down actual levels going out from my Mac, but Sonarworks Systemwide says I have my volume set to peak at -9 dB. That's what I get when the output controls on the system are at 75%.

    My monitors are calibrated to get 75 dB output with volume controls at top-dead-center. Makes it easy to get my levels right with a quick twist of the knob.

    I try to keep all of my critical listening at that same level so when I mix I know where things "belong" relative to everything else.

    I refer to these articles from "Sound on Sound" when the topic comes up

    I re-calibrate every 3-4 months when the seasons change. Things are different when the studio is living at 79F and 35% RH vs 69F and 30% RH, but that's just me. I calibrate my living room speakers as well. These days it's handy, living room monitors are same tweeter and waveguides as studio with bigger woofers (and more of them). I can AirPlay my music to "all the rooms" and sanity check things.

    Whee. Probably more than you wanted for an answer.