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Just Lisa

    Merry Christmas everyone.
    : )

    My husband bought me a very useful gift!
    (Amazon wishlist. What a wonderful invention.)

    I had been researching possible solutions to my sound problems, here and at the auditorium and threw some random hardware in the list to look at later...
    So now, I have Rode AI-1 interface/headphone amplifier.
    Updated and installed drivers, set quality, bitrates etc, updated Presonus control software (not that it matters, I think).
    It sounds fantastic. (with my BD headphones, of course.)
    Is my computer's sound card really that dull?

    Technical question: how do I want to set up my "volume chain"?
    There's a volume control coming from my computer -- it's at 50%
    The dial on the front of the box is maybe ten percent to make a comfortable level.
    The DAW master is at zero like it should be.

    Is it better to have the computer volume lower and have the dial control up or the other way around? Does it matter?

    : )