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Just Lisa

    15" by 30"
    Yoga blocks might fit, but would make the monitors too high. Right now, my face is the same height as the computer screen. It's very cozy. Walls behind me are 5 and 6 feet away, everything is very random and/or covered in cloth. The set up is facing the corner of the room behind me. I'm facing out into a largeish room. The monitors aren't for intense mixing. That's what the headphones are for and I prefer the headphones, but need a break once in awhile due to ear fatigue in spite of low levels. Right now, I have a pair of pretty generic Logitech computer speakers I hook up when I want them. The footprint is 3.5x4 inches.

    I'm afraid you are over thinking this sitch, Chris. I'm not setting up to go into production. The goals are a better pair of monitors and the interface to bypass the computer's soundcard. It may be temporary. It still needs to be mobile.
    : )