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face (chris) Janton

    Could you provide the surface area dimensions where you want to mix? That would help.

    I use yoga blocks as speaker isolation and stand. 2 yoga blocks side-by-side
    10 cm wide, 14 cm tall, 22 cm deep.
    Angled on the back corners of my desk.

    On top of the blocks I have my JBL LSR305 (mkI) They sound phenomenal in my small room.
    19 cm wide, 29 cm tall, 23 cm deep

    My Monitor2USB controller is an output interface 😉
    22 cm wide, 20 cm deep (knobs), 9 cm tall

    A nice interface like an Audient iD14 would fit on top of the Monitor2USB
    17.3 cm wide, 6.21 cm tall, 12 cm deep

    Eris 3.5 monitors
    14.2 cm wide, 21 cm tall, 16.2 cm wide

    Kali 6
    22.2 cm wide, 35.9 cm tall, 26 cm deep

    If you could fit the blocks on the corners of your desk you could probably accommodate any of the monitors.

    I expect that the Kali monitors will sound really good, at least as good as my 305s (the Kali folks came from JBL) due to design similarity. The front-facing bass port might help a whole lot as well.

    In my studio I have a pair of M-Audio AV40s sitting on top of my LSR305s. The AV40 is similar in size and specs as the Eris 3.5. Latest version of the M-Audio is the AV42.

    I have calibrated the listening position (Sonarworks Reference) for both pairs of monitors. I can swap my mixing to the "small" monitors to the big monitors with a button push on the Monitor2USB and a mouse click on Sonarworks.

    So maybe a monitor controller for "output interface" and the Eris 3.5? What do you use for monitors right now?

    I used the M40 for a couple of years and was really happy. Was blown away when I first heard 305s, glad I kept the M40s on top of the 305s...super happy with Sonarworks helping out.

    Another nifty thing about the Monitor2USB is the 2 headphone ports with the capability of narrowing the sound field to make the headphones "sound" more like a pair of monitors. It appears to be remarkably similar to a $900 SPL 2Control.

    Happy to toss ideas around.

    Really would help to know the size of your desk and the dimensions of your room/space...