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Just Lisa

    Hi all --
    I was very busy with a stage production of The Nutcracker ballet for the past several weeks, but I'm back now.

    Jonathan had it right, I was referring to the size of the interface. I have very limited desk space in my favorite mixing spot. There's room for my laptop and a pair of speakers and not much else. I only drag out the 44VSL when I am recording, and lately, that hasn't been very much.
    I'm looking to bypass the computer's soundcard and only need to hook up speakers or headphones.

    I want to pick up a pair of presonus eris 3.5 monitors -- small footprint and reasonable sound quality. The smallest Kalis are maybe too big. I can't go anywhere to hear them in action though, which is really frustrating. Don't say, "just go to your local pro audio store" because there aren't any! Asked a friend last week, "where do you go for pro audio stuff?" and he laughed. Asked the manager of the auditorium we had our production in and he said there's one in Grandville, which is on the other side of the state from me. You'd think there would be something closer, but no. Ann Arbor, big college town? Nothing. Detroit, home of Motown for heaven's sake? Zilch. It's truly bizarre.

    But I'm confident you all will help me get it straightened out.
    : )

    Oh yeah, also visited production company and had a great talk with Aaron, my favorite sales guy. Went in to pick up gaff tape and ended up staying for an hour talking about renting speakers and stuff for an auditorium when all I really need is a small box! The company is all about the stage and other live events, not mixing, so their monitors and other equipment are geared that way. Got to see the inside of the warehouse, though, and that was pretty cool. It's HUGE with all kinds of lights and cables and those big black hardshell suitcase crates that microphones and speakers travel in. We rented a fog machine from them once.

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