Hi Martin,

    I like the shuffle you've brought out on the mix. Yes, the dynamics are coming across well. The separation between instruments is coming across well.

    It's a very good mix. I thiiiink the reverb might be slightly inconsistent. Some of the depths feel a little odd. The sax on the right hand side at around 1min10 sec, I not sure I quite the sense of physical space from the main brass hits + vocals to the more sat back instruments to the instruments right at the back. It may not even be a reverb thing - put rather how you're managing the depth as a whole.

    Couple of the sat back instruments feel like they're dropping out the back of the mix a touch. But having said that, I get why you've gone for so open and dynamic. ..so I don't really mind it.

    The centre of mix feels a little crowded at times - but only slightly.

    There's a couple of 'wisps' on the vocals - which might need automating. Again though, it's kinda how she sings - so it's part of the character of her voice. I'd be very gentle if attempting to correct it.

    Maaaybe the core drums + basss get a little lost - only a little - as you're automating to feature the different parts? The mix might benefit from a little more emphasis on that core bass / drum arrangement - as it keeps the groove.

    But as I said, it's extremely good. I'd be very happy to turn in a mix of that quality. I had to listen through twice, before I heard anything that I could write about. I'd be very cautious if you're going to change it - you've got it working very well. A few very slight changes might make it go that bit further 🙂

    Excellent work!