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John Gleason

    I'm not sure that anyone can give an objective opinion on this -- it depends on your set-up and personal preferences. Like you, I run Cubase Pro 10 (which I highly recommend). But Pro Tools is the "professional" standard, especially if you move between studios. What I really miss is not being able to download Pro Tools templates. However, I much prefer the Cubase user interface, the documentation, the support and the capabilities. I run everything in the studio at 96kHz/24-bit. Regular Pro Tools limits you to just 64 tracks at that rate -- not enough for my mixing desk. So I would need Pro Tools Ultimate, more hardware, and a lot more $$$. Cubase Pro can run as many tracks as you want, even at 192kHz, limited only by your computer.

    My suggestion is to download Pro Tools First (it is free), check out the interface and play around a bit. It is limited to just 16 tracks so it can't do much. It can run on the same computer as Cubase and does not need an iLok device. If you work in an environment where others use Pro Tools, then you might need to switch just for that reason (and to understand their terminology!).

    As always, YMMV.