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Jonathan Marshall

    Hi Lisa,

    I'm going to stick my head out here and say I think I understand because I'm in a similar situation. It's about convenience. Four inputs are great (eight would be better :-)) for recording but when I'm mixing I only need a headphone jack / TRS balanced stereo out to my monitors and some sort of level control. I have two setups - recording in the living room and mixing in the study so unplugging and shifting the interface was also a pain. I bought myself a second-hand M-Audio Fasttrack Pro for about $40. Totally bus powered so no need for another power adapter to plug in, headphone jack on the front of the box. Perfect(ish) - it does have some audio issues when running in four channel mode so I wouldn't recommend (I only need two channels but sometimes it starts up in the wrong mode). I only bought M-Audio because I was running Pro Tools M-Powered at the time which only works with M-Audio interfaces. Now on Reaper I'm not restricted so I would most probably buy a 2nd-hand Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 / 2i4 whichever was cheapest. The Audient would be on my list but they haven't started selling 2nd-hand in NZ and are more expensive so that rules them out for me at present - but in the future ...

    So ... nothing wrong with your Presonus interface - far from it - but if you have a laptop and want to mix anywhere, a smaller interface which powers off USB is far more portable and less of a pain in a cafe, car, etc. Of course headphones straight into the laptop with no interface is even more portable.

    Just my 2c worth.


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