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John Gleason


    I have both the Lynx Aurora 16 and the Apogee AD16x/DA16x pair. All are fine converters and solid performers. Although discontinued by their manufacturers service is still available. The Aurora 16 is a 16-channel AD and DA in one 1U chassis, while the Apogee units are separate 16-channel 1U chassis. So, basically the same capabilities and the same total pricing on ebay. The primary interface for both systems is AES/EBU digital audio. The Apogee units also have ADAT-S/MUX built-in. Plug-in expansion cards were made for other interfaces but, other than ProTools HD, they can be hard to find. Both systems are pretty easy to set-up and require little, if any, operator intervention.

    (We are AES/EBU, using Lynx AES16e interface cards in our computer and lots of impressive 25-pin connectors and beefy cables which give us a serious, professional aura. Ha Ha)

    If you only expect to have a few outboard hardware units, you might consider just adding another small interface with a TB, USB or Firewire connection. Also, a patch bay might be the best solution if you only plan to use a couple of pres and compressors at a time. Remember, you can connect a pre- directly to an EQ and then to a compressor before you need an interface into the DAW.