Hi John & Warren,

    I am planning to build a small multi use studio for rehearsing, recording, and mixing. The space I have available is roughly 25'x17'. Two of the walls are parallel (the longest sides) and built as part of the existing structure. I will be building the other 2 adjacent walls. In those walls I would need a door and potentially a window but if this is hard to construct I could omit it.
    So my question would be the wall system, what would cut the most dbs, a 2x6 single wall with sound insulation from the home store plus drywall or similar material, or 2 - 2x4 walls with a space between them? I am looking for the most economical way of achieving the cost to db cut ratio (if that makes sense).
    I also have the option of making a trapezoid at the sacrifice of some space. Would this be better? What would be the ideal way for a door system?

    Sorry that's a lot of questions! Thanks in advance.


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