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Niki Pichler

    heho Kain,

    loudness is not just a thing of dynamics and mastering but also a mixing thing!

    if you have a huge dynamic range because you want to make it sound like that you cant make it as loud as a song without that range. if your mixing is on the point and you can fakely make a 3dB difference feel like 10dB you can get more loudness out of your track.

    but to your question: yes

    professionals tend to play with our brains because loudness is one of the most important things our brains compare and louder is normally better! modern systems / DAWs in particular have enough bit-depth to give you also information above 0.0dBFS which means there isnt a thing like hard clipping in the box anymore if you do it right (that is a really big IF). when you do this wrong (just one simple missstep) you will have hard clipping and your track will sound aweful!

    and thats the point: professional mixing and mastering engineers are professionals because they can use the weirdest tricks to get your song loud and clear!

    last but not least: another point could be that you judge the professional recordings wrong. most of them sound way overcompressed with little to none dynamic range. but you just know them in this state and so you like them as they are, but maybe you would like them more with a much larger dynamic range and you will never know!

    TL;DR: that are my 3 thoughts about this topic so get better at songwriting/producing/mixing helps getting louder mixes when the arrangement is well thought trough, hirering a professional mastering engineer is a must as they got the most experience on this topic and dont overjudge your own material and compare it more objectively to get a wider picture!

    cheers, Niki