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    Hi Chaps

    not done any tracking but have been mixing to try and get a monster metal sound. I think I might muck about with the sequence of parts by some judicious cut and paste so that there is a more obvious song structure and see if my new EZ Drummer metal pack can come up with some thunderous modern metal arrangement.

    Then of course at some point I might give the banshee wail a go (god knows when but hey..)

    Anyway I have been channelling my inner Dio/Maidem/Manowar (seriously dude ?) and come up with some bitchin' lyrics yet to be fully realised.

    No laughing at the back please 😉

    The Storyteller

    Verse 1
    He rode in a cloud from the west
    Pages bound in leather black
    Speaking tales from the past
    Foreign lands and dragon attack
    His voice was a cool as the ice
    Dry as the dust then warm as the sun
    Believing the words that he said
    The future, the past, how all had begun

    Oh the tales that he told
    The night was filled
    With his silver tongued gold
    The Storyteller

    Verse 2
    The fever was deep in eyes
    We knew what he told to be true
    Blood of wars on his tongue
    He felt, he saw, he knew
    The evil of all the worlds men
    Violence terror and pain
    The sound of the sword and the gun
    Of killing again and again

    Cup of tea vicar ?