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James Gorman

    For pop punk it's medium important. Don't worry about the click, get the parts synced with the drums and the right amount ahead or behind.

    Not really a fast (good) way except learning your tools. I do it be ear, pick the track that sounds most out, then line that up. Rinse, repeat. You could probably use the auto-gridding in PT, but it'd probably also suck a bit and kill all your feel.

    For guitar my usual technique is if a part sounds off, line up the emphasis notes first (typically them one, but it might be different), then line up the rest. Split notes before the attack, make sure the cross-fade is clean. Sometimes you'll need to stretch or loop a note to get it to fit. Not sure about this in PT, but you'll have an easier time if it's the DI and you can use the amp to cover up any artefacts.