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Kian Sparke

    Hi Dave, nice work on your demo my friend.

    I'm a songwriter/performer/recording artist... the list could go on! Haha! ?

    I write in a Classic/Roots/Country-Rock style and always use piano in my productions. I use EZKeys midi at the moment, but always like to play as much live on my stuff as possible - but not being a good keyboard player has led me down the midid route, to date. I might give you a shout at some point to see if you could (would like to) help me out with the keys, if that's cool!?

    More than happy to work on any collaborations where you might need guitars/vocals/bass etc too. And mixing/mastering as you say... but we're all into that aren't we! ?

    You can hear some of my stuff here ☞

    Talk soon man!