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Aaron White

    Hi Niki,

    I only just noticed your reply so sorry about the delay.

    Thank you for this I will take a listen to this later when I am at my computer (not at work ;-p) and give you a reply.

    I think like many people on here I am just being a bit of a perfectionist. Some of my stuff probably would pass into most peoples ears but it takes me a long time to think that I have something ready. Some of the free lessons on here have really helped me in just the last few days so I'd say joining this community is one of the best decisions I made.

    What would you say where your biggest hurdles to overcome? Was there particular area's that you were unsure about or even didn't even take into consideration before you realised them?

    Mine I think was the use of FX like delay and reverb and really not appreciating their history and why and when each type was used. No rules to it of course but it makes a huge difference at least to my ears when I know what type I want to use and most importantly why.

    I also am getting a YouTube account ready for sharing music and ideas with other budding producers so would like to share my stuff then also.