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Niki Pichler


    i recorded one of my bands a year ago and i just had the first basic recording gear and this was my first recording session directed by me ^^ i made lots of mistakes and learned a lot in this process. my bandmembers gave their ok that i share the raw multitracks of one song in the academy but it will have to wait until friday that i can make them and put them online for you to download.

    We mostly recorded in an old houses living room, that we treated with DIY acoustic panels. My mic locker was far away from today (some 20 euros akg small diaphragm condensers on xy-overheads etc.) and the biggest mistakes were made at the drum recordings. i didnt setup a hihat mic and the combination of xy OH and ortf ribbon roommics made the drums farely mono.

    i also improved my mixing a lot since then but have to say altough i made all the mistakes i am pretty happy with the result and even more happy with all the things i learned from it ^^

    that you can have your first thoughts on the song, here is the youtube link to the song i will share on friday:

    Cheers, Niki