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Magnus Johansson

    Great thoughts Greg.

    I checked Thomann about the Shure bundle but it was a very bad deal at thomann may I say. About 650€ cost and only 1€ cheaper than buying all stuff seperatly. Also it´s not a go for me with sm57 as toms mics, well it could in the studio when recording but my next tom mics need to be used live as well and I´d prefer something smaller. Leaning towards the Lewitts there. As an secondary alternative kick mic the beta52 is great. used it once and it was very good. I do have one close at hand so as to additional kick i think I personally will go for the AKG. Just because I can borrow the other Shures. But it´s for later. My ATM25 still kicks.

    In my list I do mention the C414 as a primary choice of weapon, in the upper class. When I wrote this down it more or less took the form of a small article, something for all to talk around. It´s not my personal buying list, well sort of, I just added some cheapier and some expensier models, just tried to keep brands to a minimum. [5] SDC, didn´t mention pair in the list but did so in the text. It was my intention. Or in my personal view, a new pair of SDC as the pair I currently use is both cheap and bad. Will happily retire them, I will probably go for a pair of SD ML-2

    My next buy though... right now considering SD ML-1 or C314 stereo pair, just about the same price.