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Kaleb Treacy

    Yeah that's the thing though, I can't increase the output to my inserts on my desk. That's all done VIA my DAW. The insert points only have 2 switches to engage the insert and to return it back to the DAW, everything else is done through firewire digitally. So I'm in a bit of a pickle. I could just gain it down to 0VU once and not touch it again even though adding the insert bumps it up another 2.6VU. That'd make the compressor sit around -.5 which's ideally what you were saying you tend to aim for right?

    They sure are. Just your normal DB meters. The kick that I was talking about previously was one that I recorded when I was new to this, aiming for -6dbs, hence why it was clipping going to the compressor. But yeah now I peak around -18 so it's all good.