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David Michael

    Guido, you didn't unsettle me.

    I [i]was[/i] hoping that I could get away with one mic that would cover both scenarios. I have done a little more research in to dynamic vs condenser and that, along with your advice and now Niki's, has convinced me that a condenser is not really best suited to recording saxophone.

    Which means that I [i]am[/i] looking at two microphones. And that's OK.

    I've looked at the t.Bone RB500. The only thing that puts me off it (the SM57 on Thomann is exactly the same price), is that the XLR is attached to the mic. If I have two mics I'd have to swap out the cable too. I think that I am going to give up trying to find the SM57 I have (or had). It's actually in a place I can't access - my old house. I am going to be getting an Audient iD4 this week so I'll throw in the for the SM57 at the same time.

    I wouldn’t mind the Lewitt LCT 540S, looks like it would [i]possibly[/i] cover all angles. But, like you say Guido, it's an expensive mic so I can't really justify the cost for my purposes.

    Niki, given how you have described the room treatment, I can't do what you described. The way my room is set up with everything in it, I have no corners to put panels in or any real wall space to attach to. Would it work if they were free standing?

    So, by the look of it, I'll start with getting a new SM57. I like the idea of having the Lewitt LCT 440 Pure and together they would cover all the bases that I need covered.

    Thanks guys for taking the time to reply, I really value the advice you have given. Although I have recorded using 4 tracks in the past (with my missing SM57!) and have recorded using DAWs in the past too, I am putting a bit more effort into properly learning this craft of recording/mixing. I still feel like a complete beginner and all advice is worthwhile.

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