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David Michael

    So, do you think that really I should be looking at two mics?

    I mean that's OK. I'd rather that having a mic that isn't appropriate for the task. I'm happy enough buying another SM57/58 if I can't lay my hands on mine.

    Do you think that something like the Oktava (I'd never heard of them until now) would be more suitable than, say, the Lewitt for recording acoustic? I would still like to have the leeway to record vocal should I wish. The Lewitt seems to fit that bill and if the academy deal works out, could be a cheaper option.

    I don't have bookcases!. I was thinking that during Warren's live feed yesterday cos that came up when they were talking about the Kalis. I [i]do[/i] have a wardrobe (and of course a bed!!). I know what you mean about the metal sound.