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David Michael

    Hi Guido,

    Thanks for replying.

    I wasn't necessarily intending to record vocals. Mine are fairly terrible ?.

    I play tenor with a dark sounding mouthpiece and I would either play ballads or bluesy stuff. I like subtone kind of sax playing so I would say that would equate to "soft and mellow". I wasn't really intending to add sax to any stuff I write myself, really I want to record myself playing against backing tracks to hear (make sure of) how I sound so I can improve my playing.

    My room is my bedroom!! Not in anyway treated. I have nowhere else to record so I'm stuck with that. I wouldn't particularly say there were unwanted reflections as such though.

    I do (or did, as I can't find it) have a Shure SM57. I've had that mic for decades. I was also thinking of the AKG C519 which is a clip on condenser, much more suited to recording sax. I couldn't really use that for anything else though.