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Just Lisa

    Hi James and Guido!
    On the SDDR2, on the master, I adjusted the calibration and the trim to get a zero reading for 'in' and then the drive and output to have 'out' also be zero. (not looking for volume increase here.) It finally dawned on me why the trim is there in the first place. I can hear the subtly between the 1 2 and 3 stages now. (the levels at the chorus!)

    So if I've got this right, gain stage, get level mix, then start turning on the Master Bus stuff before getting to work on the details of the mix. That way, everything is hitting the Master bus at about the right level and you get a better idea of what the finished product will sound like.
    Gain staging is something I've never really heard Warren talk about very much. Any tips? The tools for getting it done in Studio One are very easy to use, it's "why" and "how much" that are tricky.

    I've got the L1 set up threshold around 5.5 and ceiling -.2 or 3. It's bringing up the quiet but only stomps on a couple of loud moments in the choruses, so nothing drastic.
    : )

    Oh, I also had a clue a few weeks ago that I wanted the digital sound and not the tube sound for my mixes -- world of difference! Oh, and James! Thank you again for the 3dB tilt clue. Bumped the bass up to 1.6. Life is going much better now.
    : )