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Just Lisa

    Hi all --
    I hope you don't mind me bring this up again...

    So, I read the manual for the Klanghelm SDDR2 yesterday and came across this fun thought: the mix needs to be hitting the plug in at 0db for the best results.
    So, it follows then that the plug in's effect on my mix is minimal at the beginning and is changing more dramatically as my mixes get louder and I'm automating. Sigh.

    Also, having an L1 on the Mix Bus...

    Both of these have different ever changing effects on the mix.
    When you set up your Master Bus chain, do you think about this? When do you turn the plug ins on? How often do you think to tweak them as you are working.

    Has kind of a big impact on the whole thing.
    It's always near the end when my mixes seem to start going south pretty fast, maybe this has something to do with it?
    : )