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    [quote quote=51866]Very old thread I know but just in case someone else is reading this and wondering - Reaper works perfectly with Waves plugins. I had them installed in Pro Tools and when I installed Reaper they were just there in the list. Loving the stability and attention to minor details so far. Haven't yet mixed anything - just playing and testing - but not having to reboot the computer (or even reload the software) if the interface gets unplugged and then plugged in again is brilliant. Also appreciate other seemingly simple things like the mono button on the master and 'Save new version of project' that I had to do by hand in Pro Tools.

    It works well with most everything. In hanging out in the Reaper forums, what I see is that there are issues with plugins here and there. Even with Waves (of which I have a fairly nice collection building up - I love 'em) there have been crashes, but more than likely they are adding to probs with processor or memory of the box it's running in/on. No matter what, if I am running 100 instances of 50 different plugs, plus recording, and video to three monitors, my laptop might just freeze.. HAHAHAA

    As far as Reaper and Waves though, I have had smooth sailing. If you see that you are using to much processor or running out of ram, then just freeze the tracks you're not working on.

    [quote quote=52001]I'm another fan of the 'dark side'. ? I tried most of the free and trial versions of the other DAWS over the last month or two, and was very impressed by the quick installation, flexibility, capability, customization, speed, and ease of use of Reaper. It runs faster than any of the others I tried - sometimes Pro Tools|First won't even load or gets stuck on a screen, or just errors off. So far no aborts at all with Reaper. This week I found out that one of the stock reverb plugins (ReaVerb) acts as a convolution reverb, so I can use IRs including the free Lexicon set. Pretty impressive for out of the box, especially at the price. I switched to the theme Default_Commala_5_2018 and find it very easy on my old eyes. Added some track icons and it's a joy compared to other DAWS.

    I'm not all "fan-boy" nutty. However...
    Reaper just keeps getting better and better the more I use it. I cannot see where it is limited. What I see/hear being done with it is amazing. I'm barely past crawling stage with it compared to some. It can be overwhelming for sure. The Kenny Video's are my go to reference for anything that I need to do. I haven't gotten anywhere near close to needing more info than in those vids. I find that watching the Pro's (like Warren here) using PT, I can directly apply what I'm seeing into Reaper nearly in an identical manner. Cool thing is there is TONS more after I (if ever) outgrow that level of knowledge and use in Kenny's Vids. Taking part in the Reaper Mix contest with only the Stock plugs for sure teaches a few valuable lessons. I understand 3rd party plugs and what they are doing after having to use the stock plugs and manually create functions and chains, as compared to the "magic one knob" of some other plugs.
    I like that I don't feel like I have to learn Reaper, as much as I can make reaper fit what I want to learn. It allows my workflow and processes to grow organically as my skillsets increase. Reaper becomes my Custom DAW, and doesn't force me to be limited by some convoluted pretty colored signal path that makes no sense or resemblance to how I learned to do it on a FOH system.

    Watch out for the tumbleweeds in here!