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Terry Stambaugh

    I'm another fan of the 'dark side'. 🙂 I tried most of the free and trial versions of the other DAWS over the last month or two, and was very impressed by the quick installation, flexibility, capability, customization, speed, and ease of use of Reaper. It runs faster than any of the others I tried - sometimes Pro Tools|First won't even load or gets stuck on a screen, or just errors off. So far no aborts at all with Reaper. This week I found out that one of the stock reverb plugins (ReaVerb) acts as a convolution reverb, so I can use IRs including the free Lexicon set. Pretty impressive for out of the box, especially at the price. I switched to the theme Default_Commala_5_2018 and find it very easy on my old eyes. Added some track icons and it's a joy compared to other DAWS.