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Kaleb Treacy

    This is very interesting. Righto, I'll go from the beginning. So, I'm only using inserts to one outboard piece at the moment (a compressor), to try and figure it out simply. I'm using a 10Khz sine wave inside of PT that I gained down to 0VU. To use an insert (correct me if I'm wrong), I'm setting that sine waves audio track insert as Insert 9 and returning it to another audio track with channel 9 as the input. When I chuck the insert on the sine wave, it jumps it up another 2.6dbs so I gained it down another -2.6. Now the send and return are both hitting 0VU equally, unreal! The input VU on the compressor is sitting at about -3.5 though, is that a problem?

    Also, if 0VU is at -11.4 ish should I aim now to peak around there when I track? As I was aiming for -16 - -18 on my loudest sections.

    Cheers John you champion!