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Rob Simpson

    Hello Cubasers,

    Rob Simpson here (My first post here at PLAP) I started out on tape, then tape, and then more tape. And then tape that was fed tracks from an Oberheim Drum and Synth Sequencer (pre-midi days). Then tape with a pulse code to a Commodore 64. (I believe the Commodore software was designed by the same guys who went on to create Steinberg???)

    I graduated to an Atari ...and with it, Steinberg's PRO-24. When PC's finally surpassed Atari's power (and Atari was no more), Cubase SX was what I used. I've never owned ProTools. Cubase has always made sense to me somehow. (I carry a bit of German DNA. 🙂 To this day it always amazes me how many extra steps things seem to take in ProTools. I guess I'm a little weird. I'm still happy with Cubase on a PC no less...32 gigs RAM.

    Still using Cubase 8.0.4. I've been spending all my spare cash on plug ins. Cubase 10 is probably just around the corner. I imagine I'll make the jump then.