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Steve A

    @ The Rocker,
    Wow bro, that's a sh!t ton of sims, variety indeed! haha..
    Yes, at least demo S-Gear, I ended up buying it after all the other demos I had tried.
    I know it's got a limited number of amp models, but you can really get in there an tweak.
    Since you have BIAS, could you tell me how realistic the Diezel model is? That's really enticing me to pick bias up.
    Try the demo you say? ..lolz... I downloaded it and forgot that I had it until the demo ran out..Doh!!
    I suppose I could download the app for my phone, but I'd really like to hear from someone who has so many sims how it sounds. Particularly channel three, or 'the Tool channel' as I refer to it as...