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Erik Duijs

    I just did a test again after finding out that CurveEQ can actually go up to 60 points (doh!), which seemed to improve things (screenshot attached).
    Again I relaxed the EQ in the top-highs because it would go nuts there (actually causing distortion when putting it on the master).
    It still seems to do a lot of rolling off at the bottom-end; not sure if that's really right because my speakers don't seem to be that bass heavy there. Maybe there was some rumble in the mic-recording or something, so maybe I'll try to compensate there a bit.

    Still, I think it works quite well all things considered. Sonarworks will probably do a better job, but as a simple free DYI solution it's better than nothing I suppose. At least in my room it seemed to have correctly identified a clear problem area around 130Hz, and everything does seem more clear.

    Maybe I'll do some more testing with other reference sounds (maybe pink noise, or a sweeping sine wave, or actual music).

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