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face (chris) Janton

    I don't record in my home studio. If I need to record more than 1 person/instrument I book time at a local studio (with a great mic locker!)

    I decided that I would have a set of mics that would allow me to record live groups in various ways, along with enough mics to do home recording as well.

    I started with a Shure SM58. Still have it.

    I added a wonderful Advanced Audio DM20 as my RE20 clone for "voice-over". This is the mic on the boom at my desk and the one I talk to the most.

    I went "live" recording with direct inputs to my mixer. Decided to carry some mics "just in case". Welcome to the Pyle PM58C 58 clone - $10 each, behave like a 57 or a 58. I have 3. I can lose them and not whine. They work fine on live amp cabinets.

    I have a pair of LDC multi-pattern mics so I can do all the LDC as well as Blumlein.

    I have 3 SDC mics (Behringer B5) mics with omni and cardioid capsules. I use these to build a Decca tree when I want to cover a large group like a choir or an orchestra.

    A couple of other LDC U87 style clones from China, nice mics, low cost, they just work.

    Got a low cost ribbon (MXL) just to have the proper coloration on horns or percussion.

    None of my mics are expensive. They all do what they are "supposed" to do.

    I got over my gear lust after I fell in listen with an SE VooDoo VR2. I could buy one for a few hundred dollars. I really wanted to. I figured out that I could get 8-10 studio hours for the price of the mic, and I really didn't have a room that could be used to take advantage.

    I'm done buying mics, but if I ever get crazy I'll probably get a pair of Townsend Sphere L22 and "solve all my problems" 😉 a pair of modeling stereo mics...all the sounds, so little time.