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Rich Westphal

    Awesome DI from what I can tell, the RNDI is on my really soon list, lol,,,
    I don't mind amp sims, I have had live recordings sound much worse and made them work,,,lol
    For myself I use the below,,, try to use something different all the time,,,
    Plugin Alliance I have Classic Guitar Tones Bundle, which has the BassDude and effects, also Rockrack, Megadule, Shredspread.
    Amplitube 4 and most all bundles
    Mercuriall U530
    Some Ignite Amps
    Postive Grids Bias, Bias Fx Pro
    Waves Guitar and rack
    Guitar Rig Pro
    Ampire (Studio One Pro stock) and Ampire XT
    Audio Assault guitar and bass amps
    TSE stuff and others effects and impulses,,,
    I know I forgetting some, but I'm all in 64 bit bow,,,

    I do like the natural feedback of a live amp, but I like all my sims and they all have a purpose,,,
    Bought Softubes Acoustic Feedback, didn't really like it, lol,,, eh was on sale. I rarely buy something not on sale.
    But I do like a variety,,, and to think I played out with a Randall 100ES 4x12 greenbacks, RP1 (Dugutechs first multi-processor, and a really good one) the GNX4, and analog pedals, and grabbed all the tones I needed, lol,,,
    But I really like what we all have access to now,,, Crazy isn't it,,

    Have not bought S-Gear,,, maybe I should really check out the demo,,,