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Cris Sabater Sabater

    Hi guys, I do exactly this all the time so I guess I am a real working example of it. I mostly mix and master for my band who I happened to meet all online and we have never met either! But we all get on and are in the process of put an album together. The big word is trust! These guys are good producers and I also help a lot in production but they trust me totally to deliver every time and I do. Two of the guys are from Hannover in Germany and also have a post punk band. Because I mix and master for them they asked if I could master their up coming album which I was happy to do.
    I have worked with others through recommendation but I also hear the arguments that you need to meet the people too. For me both methods work and we live in a world that is very different from just a couple of years ago! You change with the times or you get left behind simple as really. I always embrace change because it is good and keeps you on your toes!!
    So I think pask74 should give it a go, why not? There is no hiding place in music and mixing if you know what you are doing it will show. Like Warren says have a good resume and keep building on it as that is your calling card and is how I got my approach. They asked me to master a song for them then asked for a mix and master after that and the rest followed on. Always be confident in your abilities you can still communicate via skype and other media. Don't let distances get in your way!

    Cheers guys,