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(Knot Hardly) Jay

    i would have to agree with jason on the strat... not on the list but by far the most versatile electric guitar. out of the box (3 singles) covers a wide variety of tones. stock pauls and teles to me are a bit of a one trick pony unless you mod them. but that is basically based on the past. today with all the effects and amp features... any guitar can do almost anything you want sound and style wise so it really doesn't matter anymore. when i was young you basically had your guitar and your amp to make your 'sound' so it was easy for me to fall in love with strats. they ain't the BEST looking lol... love the look of pauls and teles as in 'stylish' but personally i don't give a damn what my guitar looks like and never have. to me it is all about what you can squeeze out of them. 🙂 cheers