Arthur Labus


    @DRUMS - thank you for feedback ! So i'll go forward and improve the tracks. Just tell me which drum kit is needed.
    There will be a lot of single tracks ! 🙂

    @Sync Tone
    This is not bad idea at all, as long everybody use it 😉
    Maybe it could be better to have sync tone running with proper BPM, so there were a chance to start at round measure giving from DAW.
    The first thing i ever set is proper BPM of the song. While drums programming i also let the first two or four patterns "empty"
    and set some cross sticks or hihats hits as kind countdown. You know, that kind famous "one, two, one-chew-free-far".

    At least it could be difficult to sync your DAW just after the sync tone for running properly with beat pattern.

    So let me know if the sync tone is needed or not. Or maybe booth ?!