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James Gorman

    No worries Daniel, we've all got to start somewhere!

    Typically if I need a drum reverb I will either have it as part of my drum buss and send individual drum channels there, or send the drum buss to a dedicated drum reverb. On Crazy I used a single room reverb for everything (though vocals had a bunch of extra reverbs and delays), and a dedicated snare reverb to get the timing of the snare tail how I wanted it, but this was a spur of the moment thing because I really wanted to emphasise the all-in-one-room thing already going on. For your case, I think the single reverb works since it keeps that live feeling. If you were doing pop, or even just something more complicated, you might want to use different reverbs, even if they are just different versions of the same plugin with different settings.

    Wow, the space it much better filled up in this version. The whole thing sits a lot better in space now. Nice work! Listening back through your version can definitely hear the improvement. Taking a break is always a good idea, be good to hear where you end up with this